Creating a ticket via soap -- Mime Obj

Hi there;
The system is 3.6.1 apache2, mod_perl 2, SOAP::Lite
Any help can truly be appreciated as I have been banging my head for a
week now …
I am creating a soap interface for RT 3.6.1 which seem to work fine with
the exception of creating a ticket, the ticket get created however the
content is empty and its not populating the attachments table … If I
create a MimeObject on the soap client side, it seems to work fine,
however as the soap client will be a microsoft .net, I would rather the
client sends the text string and I compile the mime object on the server
side …
What I have is the client sending :
Text => 'This is my text’
on the server side:
my $MimeMessage = MIME::Entity->build(
From => ‘’,
Subject =>‘this is my subject’,
Type => ‘text/plain’,
Data => $args=>{‘Text’} ## I even
tried Data => ‘Anything just work’
my %create_args = (
Queue => $queue,
Requestor => $requestor,
Cc => $cc,
Subject => $subject,
Subject => ‘Another ticket’,
MIMEObj => $MimeMessage ## I also tried
RT::I18N::SetMIMEEntityToUTF8($MimeMessage );
AND $MimeMessage->stringify();
That does not work for me
If on the client I do:
my $mime = $mo->build(From => $requestor,
To => $to,
CC => $cc,
Type => ‘text/plain’,
Data => $txt);
my $mimeMessage = $mime->stringify();
and send
(‘Ticket’ => (Requestor => $requestor,
cc => $cc,
Queue => $queue,
Subject => $subject,
MimeMessage =>
It works fine, ticket created with content attached …
Many thanks;

my $MimeMessage = MIME::Entity->build(
From => ‘’,
Subject =>‘this is my subject’,
Type => ‘text/plain’,
Data => $args=>{‘Text’}

           Data => [ $args=>{'Text'} ]

See MIME::Entity(3) or perldoc MIME::Entity.

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