Create ticket on the web/refresh


We deployed a RT3.6.0 recently here. Today one user used the web interface
to create a ticket. Once he had his ticket created, he left that window open
for a while, and came back, wanting to check on his ticket, hit refresh, got
prompted about “postdata” by firefox, to which he said “OK”, which created
another ticket.

Not being a perl coder, would it be possible to redirect the page from the
"ticket created" page to the page with the details of the ticket? (so that
refreshing doesn’t actually create a new ticket, or doesn’t give a chance to
the user to create a new ticket with the exact same text/input?)
I’m assuming the change would have to happen in the
"share/html/SelfService/Create.html", but can’t really help any more than

What I envision is something like “Your ticket has been created” (which
autorefreshes back to the display.html for that ticket number…). Anyone
with any suggestions?