Create Ticket from Queue to Another Queue

Good Nighttime,
after some research on Google and Playing around I was unable to find a solution for the following problem.
I want to create a ticket in a queue but configure as requesteor the inbound email of a different queue. Currently this fails, because RT warns that it might create a loop.

How can I enable this functionality.

Thank you in advance

Could you create another mail alias that RT doesn’t know about that points to the email address of the inbound queue? Though RT will still possibly spot itself in the email that is sent and refuse it because it is in that case a potential loop.

To be honest, this sounds like a very hacky approach. Even if it works it should not be the way to go, because it might create the said loops

Precisely - you’re trying to hack round RT stopping loops.

Yeah and this leads me to the question how such a workflow (one queue to another) can be handled in RT without causing the issue

I’m not quite sure what sort of workflow you’re trying to make though. If you did set the requestor to be the incoming email of another queue and if RT didn’t reject that, you’d end up with a spray of new tickets created each time someone corresponded with the original ticket. Are you trying to set the requestor to the group(s) of people who are assigned to the other queue, rather than the queue itself?

The issue is the following: I’ve two departments that should correspond together over one ticket.

Department A creates a Ticket in Department B queue. At this point not only the person creating the ticket should be notified on changes / answers from Department B, but everyone in Department A. Furthermore Department A is not allowed to see any other ticket in Department B queue besides of its own

Do your departments have group mail aliases outside of RT? If they do, just set that to be the requestor.

They don’t have. Introducing something like this would cause more issues than it solves

I don’t have a running RT system with me now to experiment, so just asking:
can a group containing all members of the department A be added as Cc to the ticket they created in department B queue? Will it work

@Aniket_Tripathy’s suggestion is how to do it. On the people tab of the ticket, use the ‘Find groups whose’ field group to search for the RT group ‘Department A’. A new row in the ‘Add new watchers:’ field group will appear with the group name in the right column, and the ‘-’ selected in the ‘Type’ column dropdown. Set that dropdown to either AdminCC, CC, or Requestor as desired, and ‘Save Changes’. Now department A will get updates on the ticket.

This can be automated with a script that adds the group as a watcher whenever a ticket in the ‘Department B’ queue is created by a member of ‘Department A’

Or you can make a button which adds to AdminCC of a ticket all watchers from former queue when moving the ticket to another queue. Then your Department A creates a ticket in their queue and move it with mentioned button to the queue of Department B.
This button can be added for example before the ticket history. Add the code:

<FORM ACTION="<% $RT::WebPath %>/Ticket/ModifyAll.html" NAME="MoveTicketToQueueWithAdminCc">
  <input type="submit" value="Move ticket to (with AdminCc)">
  <& /Elements/SelectQueue, Name => 'Queue', %ARGS, ShowNullOption => 0, ShowAllQueues => 0 &>
  <input type="hidden" name="WatcherTypeEmail" value="AdminCc">
  <input type="hidden" name="WatcherAddressEmail" value="<%$Ticket->QueueObj->AdminCc->MemberEmailAddressesAsString%>">
  <input type="hidden" name="id" value="<%$Ticket->Id%>">

to file /opt/rt4/local/html/Callbacks/SA/Ticket/Display.html/BeforeShowHistory and take a look at that. Would this help?

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