Create template tickets

Is it possible to create template tickets? For example, applications for servicing printers, applications for installing applications.

Can you explain some more what you expect this to look like?

You can’t create template tickets but you could have different queues with different custom fields or set some default values based on a “type” custom field

You’re right this is good idea. Thank you.

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An additional option we’ve used here is making local custom form for ticket creation. These are useful for requesting services as they can validate what the user is entering before creating the ticket. For example when requesting an SSL certificate we ensure that the request comes with a CSR, the CSR meets some of our security criteria, etc before we create a ticket in a queue for the team to go and make the cert. A bit more work for us RT hackers initially and you need to be comfortable hacking on Perl and Mason scripts but pays dividends over time for the users.

Another “hack” is setting up links to pre-populate some fields in the ticket creation script. We do that with some of our change tickets for example, adding the links to our custom menus via the Callbacks mechanism.

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