#CREATE TABLE TransactionTypes (

An idea of tobias’ that i don’t totally get…

Short answer; I don’t think we will need it for 2.0, and I think we’ll do
it in a different way anyway for 2.1.

I think it should be easy to add on new transaction types in a modular
way. It will probably be better to deal with this by subclassing the
Ticket class and hardcode new transaction types into the code … but
anyway, we will eventually need a slightly redesign of some pieces of

As it is today, it’s too hard to add new transaction types because quite
some work is needed in each UI. Ideally, I’d like to see some design
where the UI can query the Ticket class for all available transactions a
user can do, and that it should be possible to add simple transactions
without touching the UIs, and having as much as possible of the
transaction-type-specific logic in one file (either a file describing a
subclass of Transaction or a subclass of Ticket). Anyway, this is clearly
beyond the 2.0 release.

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