Create queues per mail with different mail addresper queue, how does it work?

Thank you very much. I searched last friday for a long time how to set this, but everyone has a different method to search, and different results…

Anyway with aaa: "/… --queue ‘AA A’ …"
where aaa is my e-mail addres and the queue is AA A with a space in it, wich I wanted!


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Here’s partial response.

Senoner Samuel a écrit :

I want to setup that I can send a ticket to a queue using a specific mail address.
I didn't understand what and how the settings are important.
Please help me!
How important is it to set in the queue the correspondence and comment address?

They just need to be valid email addresses that your mail server accepts. RT puts them only in outgoing mails and don’t really care about them in ingoing ones (but your MTA will…).

I already created in my aliases file a line with my queue.
What do I have to set in my mailserver? I use exim.

I’m using Postfix but i’ll try anyway…

 I think it has something to do with exim because if I don't send to rt@rt..... I get the following error in my exim mainlog:
verify failed for SMTP recipient AAA@rt....... from

Hmm… exim don’t know about AAA@rt…

  the name of my test queue is AAA and I set the correspondence address to aaa@rt....
And here the first line of my aliases file:
rt: "|/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue AAA --action correspond --url https://localhost:443/rt"

This line only defines rt@rt, not AAA@rt. I think you should add :

aaa: “|/usr/bin/rt-mailgate --queue AAA --action correspond --url https://localhost:443/rt

in order to handle mails for the “aaa” alias, and so on for each of your queue addresses.

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