Create drop down list with customer names


I’m trying to create a drop down list when creating a new ticket. The value of the drop down list is supposed to be filled into a CF (this part I haven’t gotten to yet).
I’ve taken inspiration from the Ticket/Create.html and Elements/SelectOwner, but I can’t quite figure out the meaning of the Elements pages. I’m no perl expert - far from, but I’ve tried to put together a few lines in a new file Elements/SelectCustomer. But when I call it from the Create.html page, I just get a bunch of errors.
Any help on how I can proceed with this?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
Tommy Abrahamsson

Error during compilation of /var/www/rt3/Elements/SelectCustomer:
Useless use of push with no values at /var/www/rt3/Elements/SelectCustomer line 75.
Type of arg 1 to push must be array (not hash element) at /var/www/rt3/Elements/SelectCustomer line 75, near "})"
Global symbol “@assetcustomers” requires explicit package name at /var/www/rt3/Elements/SelectCustomer line 50.


%if ($DefaultValue) {

VALUE=""><%$DefaultLabel%> %} %foreach my $AssetCustomer ( @assetcustomers) { Id == $Default) ? "SELECTED" : ''%> %if ($ValueAttribute eq 'id') { value="<%$AssetCustomer->id%>" %} elsif ($ValueAttribute eq 'Name') { value="<%$AssetCustomer->Name%>" %} ><%$AssetCustomer->Name()%> %} <%INIT> my @objects; my %assetcustomers;

my $assetobj = RTx::AssetTracker::Assets->new($session{CurrentUser});
$assetobj->FromSQL(‘Type = “Customers” AND Status != “retired”’);

while (my $asset = $assetobj->Next)
push ($assetcustomers{$asset});



$QueueObj => undef
$Name => undef
$Default => 0
$User => undef
$TicketObj => undef
$DefaultValue => 1
$DefaultLabel => “-”
$ValueAttribute => ‘id’
$cfqueues => undef