Create child ticket

Following up my previous non-answered post.

Are there any other tools out there that lets the user easily create a
subticket, preferably in another thread?


When you create a new ticket, you can click on ‘show details’ and enter
a ticket number for Depends on.

This isn’t as nice as a button that says “create child ticket” though.

Robin Ericsson wrote:

Here’s one method:

I customized it a bit for our needs and wrapped it in div package that
makes it look like the other sections of the Display.html page. It
allows a user to spawn a depended-on ticket in our Tasks queue with a
particular Owner, or alternatively create a PartsOrder ticket. The link
above gives you the basics, this is a bit more complex. It lives in

Hope it helps!


X Tasks and Parts
<& /Elements/SelectOwner, Name => 'Owner', QueueObj => $Ticket->QueueObj &>
<%ARGS> $Ticket => undef $Verbose => 0 $Default => 0

Robin Ericsson wrote: