Create a user custom field

I’ve been looking around in the docs and done my share of googling looking for this, but I can’t find any relevant information on creating a user custom field. I’ll freely admit it might well be there and I’m just missing it, so if someone could give me a clear example or a pointer to the appropriate docsI’d appreciate it

The context is that we are upgrading from 4.2.12 to 4.4.1 (or maybe 2) and we used the ExternalAuthId plugin in 4.2.12, with the field ExternalAuthId a column in the users table in our Pg database. This ExternalAuthId was the uid from LDAP, so we absolutely need it, but the when ExternalAuth was moved to core the column ExternalAuthId was eliminated for some reason.

Martin suggested, in a different topic I posted, that I just create a user CF. Great! Sounds like a plan, then I can just go through our custom code, find references to ExternalAuthId and change it to .

But how do I create that field? Is it just a matter of creating the column in our db users table, calling it in and then populating it? If it’s in the CustomField or CustomFields docs, I’m missing it.


Creating a user customfield is just like creating any customfield,
except that you select Users from the Applies To dropdown box.

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