Create a search that excludes other search results

To better handle the number of many new tickets, we have categorized the new tickets by different topics and displayed these searches in a board by priority. This works quite well so far. However, not all tickets can be categorized. Now I would like to build a search that contains all new tickets, except all tickets that are already categorized. That means I want to exclude the results of the other searches in one search.
Is this possible, and if so how?

Thank you very much.

Are you using a custom field to categorize these tickets?

No, I search for specific terms in the subject and or content

If you’re not storing the category on some custom field then the search that finds anything uncategorized would just be Subject NOT LIKE "something" AND Subject NOT LIKE "something else"... basically inverting your other searches.

You could look to make a new scrip that runs on ticket create and tries to set a custom field of “Category” based on the search logic you already have. Then your search for uncatogorized tickets would just consist of finding tickets where that custom field doesn’t have a value