Create a new Watcher

Hi all,

I am wishing to create a new watcher (AdminCC , CC, Requestor) is this possible??? I am wanting to send any comment created to a static e-mail which will then present in a Teams channel.

I can’t use the current watchers as the way they are set up is that we have customers that are CC’s, a hunt group email as the AdminCC in which only when a CC responds receives an update (this is a correspondence)

And if I add the below - it will spam the AdminCC group
Condition: On Comment
Action: Send Forward
Template: Admin Comment in HTML

    Subject: [Comment] {my $s=($Transaction->Subject||$Ticket->Subject||""); $s =~ s/\[Comment\]\s*//g; $s =~ s/^Re:\s*//i; $s;}
    RT-Attach-Message: yes

    This is a comment.  It is not sent to the Requestor(s):


Cheers all!

You can go to Admin->Custom roles and create a new custom role, once created you can apply that role to your queue(s).

Then you can create a new scrip action Admin->Global->Actions:

Name: Notify static role
Description: Scrip action that sends notification to members of custom role 'static'
Action Module: Notify
Parameters to Pass: static

Now you can create a RT::Scrip Admin->Scrips->Create:

Condition: On Comment
Action: Notify static role
Template: Admin Comment in HTML

Then just add your static address as a queue level watcher