Couldn't parse or find sender

Just installed RT 4.4.2 , new install. Old 4.0.4 works fine. Cannot manually send email from command line to mailgate without getting the parse error.

Have granted queue rights etc.

/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate: temp file is ‘/tmp/0YHM8D7I9R/6NiydPQ4dk’
/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate: connecting to
not ok - Couldn’t parse or find sender’s address

Any ideas?

Well as the error says: does your e-mail really include a From/Sender header?

We found the issue. Using the command line we were only including the from: tag in the SMTP conversation. Version 4.4.2 requires a reply to: parameter in the email header. As outlook and other clients automatically add this, it is not an issue when you cut over, but testing the new system from the command line needs this.

Sending email also needed a tweak as the /etc/mailhost file is not read properly so we had to replace that in the config file with the actual mailhost name.

hope this helps others

You mean you only set the smtp envelope sender and not any From:, Sender: or Reply-To: headers in the mail itself. RT reads the information from the headers and not from smtp envelope (even though that usually will work if your e-mail runs through an MTA which adds the smtp envelope from in the Sender: header)

If you send e-mails without From: header it’s not really any useful test for normal clients. All e-mail clients I know automatically add a From: header.

No, we added only a from and not a reply to in the header we create. The from, rcpt and subject etc are intact. it was just the Reply to: parameter that was missing on the script.

We would not be able to test without a from: parameter at all, postfix would drop it!

this is not our first rodeo.

Well, then you are doing something wrong:

  1. postfix does not drop emails without From: header. You can even send e-mails into postfix with no headers at all.

  2. RT4 checks the Reply-To: header first, then the From: header and then the Sender: header. If you have really added a correct and correctly encoded From: header into your e-mail then it will work. That’s how we always use it. And that’s how I verified it just now: if will go in without errors if the e-mail contains a correct From: header…