"Could not load a valid user" not send

Hello *,

we’ve upgraded RT from 3.0.11 to 3.6.6 last weekend and everything
is running fine except this: If a User (e-amil address) is not allowed
to open tickets in specific queues (due to group rights on that queue)
neither the requestor nor $OwnerEmail is informed about that.

RT 3.0.11 sent an e-mail to the requestor and $OwnerEmail with the
and found the stuff doing that in: lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm

In RT 3.6.6 the code is pretty much the same but went into the
function: _NoAuthorizedUserFound. It seems that this function isn’t
called at all.

The only place where we are informed about these failed ticket
creations is in the logs:
[Wed Feb 6 14:40:21 2008] [crit]: No permission to create tickets in the queue …
[Wed Feb 6 14:40:21 2008] [error]: Could not record email: Ticket creation failed: No permission to create tickets in the queue …

Do you have any suggestions how to make RT 3.6.6 act like 3.0.11?

Greetings from Germany an TIA,

PS: Thanks to all of you involved into RT development … it’s a great
peace of software.

I put some logging code into lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm and found out
that AuthStat is 1 (so the incoming mail is treated like mail from
an authenticated (normal) user) - which seems odd to me.

This is the right structure:

Queue: tester
Group: testerusr (has Create and ReplyToTicket queue-rights on tester)
Group: testeradm (has some more queue-rights on tester)

My test-User isn’t in any of those groups mentioned above and there
are no global rights given to the group, user, whatsoever … None
of the system groups has any queue- and/or global-rights which should
allow CreateTicktet in the queue tester.

Why is AuthStat 1 instaed of 0 or even -1 (which should trigger the
"Could not load a valid user" mails to the requestor and $OwnerEmail)?