CostumeFileds, drop down menu


I am trying to implement dropdown menu in costumeFields under tickets.


Can this be done via UI (I was not able to) or it need some JS? if so can someone point me where should i put it.

thank you!

I am a little confused on what you’re trying to do here, those custom fields are drop downs. Do you want to move them somewhere else?

Hi @craig :slight_smile: this are from demo request tracker. I would like to achive that behaviour on my system.

Admin->Custom Fields->Create

From there you can set the type to ‘Select Multiple values’ or ‘Select one value’ and can add values as you wish. Don’t forget to apply the custom field (the Applies To tab) to the Queues/Tickets/Groups ect that you want them to show up on.


I have done config like that but in my case it is much different display.

my version of rt: RT 4.4.1-3+deb9u3 (Debian) Copyright 1996-2016 Best Practical Solutions, LLC.


it was my mistake, now it is fixed. I did not select dropdown menu in >>RenderType<<

sorry for your time!