Corrupt binary attachments

I’m fairly new to RT, and am having a problem with attachments.

all binary attachments coming out of RT in a ticket are corrupt… I’m not
sure why, but I do think it’s a database problem (thanks to a hint from J).

What I’m running:

  • Redhat Linux (latest)
  • RT2 (latest)
  • MySQL (latest stable, installed via. rpm)
  • Perl (latest stable, installed via. CPAN)

The symptoms:

  • a ticket gets and attachment via. e-mail OR web interface
  • the attachments are small, under 1meg and my test files are all about
  • during view of the ticket, if you attempt to download the binary
    attachment it is corrupt.
  • The binary file always seems to be a little larger then the original.

Measures I have already taken:

  • set max_allowed_packet=16M
  • checked the $MaxAttachmentSize size in
  • checked the database install

The database seems to have a pretty clean “normal” install, so I’m missing
something here… Jesse did mention that he thought it was a DB problem, but
of course I’d have to contract him to get him to fix it… which I would
love to do, but just can’t afford the rates (I’m one guy doing this out of
pocket for open source development).

I think RT is a pretty good system, and don’t want to have to drop it, but I
also need the attachments :slight_smile:

  • Brill Pappin

Hmm… I may have been too hasty…
the version string in reads 2.0.15
and from the looks of the devel distribution, you guys have been very

I’ve got some customization in the 2.0.15 version to mail out random
password for new client tickets but it shouldn’t be too hard to move over
(if its not already included in the new release).

Any comments on what version I should go with (problems, caveates,
warnings), 2.1.9 or the newer 3.0.Bx versions? I’d rather not destroy any
data if I can help it :wink:

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