Correspondence when reply-all results in double mail for receivers


I have an issue when someone from the outside uses the “reply to all” option in their mail client. RT will then add correspondence for everyone (except internal users) and basically forward the reply-all mail which was already done with the original reply-all.


I compose a ticket in RT with the following recipients.

TO customer1(at)customer
CC customer(at)customer
CC internal1(at)company
CC internal2(at)company

customer2, gets the mail and presses reply-all. The mail is sent to all recipients including RT. Everyone got a copy since it was the customer that sent it, but RT creates correspondences to everytone that does not have a user in RT. In this example a correspondence would be sent to customer1.

customer1 would then get the same mail from customer2 AND RT.

Is there any way to disable this?

Solved it by disabling default scripts. And added new Correspondence script logic using the “Received” headers to conclude if a mail is outbound or inbound. Some examples exists on the Wiki.