Correspondence duplicated

Hi all,

In RT and RTIR 5.0.1 we have an investigations queue.
Given there is a ticket with requestors a, b, and c.
If requestor a updates the ticket (by mail), the information is redistributed to b, c, (so far so good), but a gets also an unnecessary copy.

Can this be prevented?


Do you have this config enabled?

Is this for all users or just one? As there is a user preference for this config as well.

Good catch, thanks, that was probably it! I disabled this now and will test.

On the other hand this means we cannot do both:
a) keep this setting turned on (for privileged users)
b) disable it for unprivileged users?

Hm, I can probably disable it globally and turn it on for the users that want it (me for instance :wink: )