Correctly setting organizational logo

Just a note that I meant to mention when I fixed it. This probably
belongs on another list, but I thought it might be helpful to other
newbies such as myself here.

As shipped, to set the logo for RT, I put my graphic into the
share/html/NoAuth/images directory, and replaced the value “bplogo.gif”
in share/html/Elements/Header with the name of my graphic and its
desired size.

The etc/ file

  • Has a comment referring to “$RTLogoURL”
  • Defines the variable as “$LogoURL” as bplogo.jpg (file does
    not exist)

And then share/html/Elements/Header goes and actually uses the value

Now I’m all for frequent use of the grep command, but may I suggest:

1a. Fix RT_Config comment to say $LogoURL
1b. Add variables for $LogoURLWidth and $LogoURLHeight on following
2. Fix RT_Config define to use bplogo.gif
3. Fix Elements/Header to refer to $RT::$LogoURL and height and width

Would have saved me a bit of confustiation…

— michael cannella
— IT Manager, Volunteers of America Michigan