Copilot / ChatGPT integration

Wondering if anyone has worked out a way of integrating RT with AI tools. In this case I expect it would only be with paid tools as you want the ai ingestion and results to only be visible within a restricted (typically private) scope. There is a copilot module you can pay (even more) for that talks to dynamics. Anyway just curious if others are playing with this, with any success.

We have done some experimenting with some basic integration, calling APIs from scrips. We also have experimented with having AI try to write some RT code. It’s not quite full copilot yet, but it does a pretty good job. You just need to do some cut and paste to get it into RT. Internally, some of our team has been working with some of the AI tools in their editor and it also does a pretty good job at suggesting valid Perl code in RT files.