Contribution: dividing ticket into subtasks scrip

Often in our organization, we have a whole list of tasks for which we
compose a bulleted list in an email and create a ticket. Often, we want
to divide the work on individual list items into separate tickets for
different people to work on.

I’ve written a scrip action to create tickets for each list item on
which the main ticket depends. It handles bulleted lists of the kind:

  • item 1
  • item 2


  • thingy 1
  • thingy 2

This uses RT’s depends on feature and so all the individual items need
to be resolved first before the main ticket can be resolved. You can
check it out here:

I’ve tested it on RT 3.6.7. Do reply if you got it working on RT 3.8 or
another version.

Cheers, Terence.
i-hack-foss at DeepRoot Linux.