Contrib: SetKeyword

The attached RT::Action and insert script will attempt to set a keyword on
the tickets based on the Template it is called with.

The usage that I created it for is:

OnCreate SetKeyword with template Keyword_First

The contents of the template ‘Keyword_First’ is as follows:

# This is a comment line and is ignored
# Expecting KeywordSelectsName '/' KeywordDescendentName
# Does not support more than one '/', sorry.
Level/First Line Support

So when a ticket is created on our Operations queue, it is firstly
assigned to the First Line Support people. Caveat - if what you type in
the Template does not match (via ‘eq’ operator) any keyword on the queue,
the requested Keyword won’t be applied.

The Scrip allows for multiple keywords to be applied at one time.

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