Contrib: ScripAction UpdateSquelch

Attached is a ScripAction which will update a User’s Comments field based
on the number of Transactions created by the User in a given time period.

This is intended to be used in a Scrip as:

OnIncomingEmail UpdateSquelch with template SquelchOptions

Full documentation is in the perldoc of The short
explanation on using it is:

Updates a User's Comment field with a magic (settable) text string
if the User has created a large (settable) number of transactions
in a small (settable) time period.  Will later remove the text
string the next time the User creates a transaction and the number
of transactions in the previous time period is below a (settable)

The types of Transactions checks is also (settable), but in the
ScripAction's Argument.  It defaults to 'Create', 'Correspond' and

Note that you will need to create a wildcard pattern at the end of
the Template to match everyone.  Obviously give 'preferred'
addresses a higher rate by putting their patterns to the top of
the Template.

The text string in the User’s Comment field can be used in another
ScripAction, AutoReplySquelch, to avoid replying to a given user if that
User has created a huge number of transactions in the last time period.

End story: Its attempting to stop run-away mail loops where the
only constant is the email address (ie, X-Loop, etc isn't working
as its not being preserved)

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