Contrib HTML email reminder based on LastUpdated and status

Hello all,

I just contributed another “reminder” type script on the wiki:

It is different from the other reminder scripts currently up there in
that the others all rely on either StartDate, DueDate or Priority in
order to work, and not all organizations make use of those fields.
Also, the existing ones only email the ticket owner and do so in
plaintext email.

This script notifies whoever you specify with HTML email about any
ticket where it has been “too long” since LastUpdated. “Too long” is
configurable and based on new/open/stalled status. It can be
configured to include or exclude specific queues.

The HTML email report is suitable for managers who want to know about
any ticket, and don;t care who owns it or what queue it’s in. And
because it’s HTML mail, they can click on the tickets and links to RT
searches right from the message.

Thanks to everyone on the list that has helped me in the past.