Configuring the new db password in RT App server

We usually configure the db password in the RT app server for the particular user at the time of installation/Up gradation of RT through the configure script.
Now my dba changed the DB(oracle) password. Then I set the new password in for that particular user with the Set($DatabasePassword,XXXXXX) variable but still my RT app is not able to connect to DB.
When I changed the DB password to old one , it can able to connect.
Could anyone please let me know how can I connect my RT app server to DB server with the new password.
The error is like:
Invalid username/password.
DBD error:OCISessionbegin, could not connect to database.

When you say “for the particular user”, do you mean that you run multiple instances of RT for different people? So the “user” is the database user for that particular instance of RT? Have you flushed the Mason cache and restarted the web server hosting this RT instance?

The “user” is the database user for that particular instance of RT . While restarting the server the error is showing like invalid username/password. DBIOCISession begin error. I have tried clearing the mason cache, but it didnt help.

And the old DB password is still working? Are you sure that the DBA has changed the password for the right database user? I’d confirm that you can talk to the right RT database manually using the Oracle command line tools with the username and password you think you should be using.

Yeah, I will check again. But I can able to connect through the oracle password manually.