Configuring RT for sqlite backend


I’ve installed the request-tracker3 package from Debian/sid.

I noticed that there’s a schema.SQLite - so, assumed that RT has an
sqlite backend. I’m not sure how to cinfugre it, though, to make RT
use sqlite.

It looks like that I should be asking this, mainly:

about :

  • what DatabaseType to set for sqlite?
  • how to set the DatabaseUser, DatabasePassword, DatabaseName for sqlite?

generally, also:

  • will I need to create the sqlite db myself?
    (for this, I could just load schema.SQLite, of course, once RT is
    configured soit’ll find the database - just wondering about this)

  • is there a standard location, maybe something under /var for
    where the put an RT-usable sqlite db?

  • how would RT be configured to know where to find its sqlite database?

and I guess that’s all I need to ask.

RT looks great; I’m looking forward to digging in with it