Configure Email Interface


I have my Organization mail server on MS Exchange server.

How can I make RT which is installed on other Linux box to have following :-

  1. Any replies to ticket will automatically be appended to history of the Ticket
  2. Whenever someone sends an email to - it either
    creates a new ticket or appends the conversation to existing ticket if
    mentioned in Subject line…?
  3. How to setup a mailgate…?

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For outgoing mail, you’ll need to install Postfix or Sendmail on the RT box and configure it to Smarthost the mail over to Exchange. Not that hard, just check the manuals and do some googling.

#2 and #3 are one in the same. Check the Manpage for rt-mailgate and you’ll either want to set up Exchange to pass the mail over SMTP to the RT server (hard) or use fetchmail and a cron job to POP the mail in every so often (that’s what I do, easy.) Again, Google can help a ton.