Configuration of Apache

I’ve just downloaded RT and installed it on Mandrake 9.0 (make fixdeps didn’t quite cut it, about 4 modules had to be CPAN’d by hand, another 1 downloaded and built by hand), unfortunately I can’t get apache to play nicely with it… the example directives in the docs appear to relate to an old version of apache, and won’t work in either httpd.conf or commonhttpd.conf, and i’m not sure where the half of them should go (my Apache config experience is limited to setting up a non-vhost webserver and basic CGI support, these config files seem to change format every 5 minutes whilst i’m not looking!). The build is the standard MDK9.0 1.3.26 RPM.
If someone could post (either mail me or to the group, whichever you feel appropriate) an example configuration… that’d be great. I’m not trying to serve any othe content of this server either. I have managed to get all the directives in there, but I get a lot of “permission denied in configuration file” messages in /var/log/httpd/ - and yes, the rt2 stuff is all sgid and fully o+rx :slight_smile:


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