Config seems not working correctly

Hello Everyone,

im really new to RT (since yesterday) and i got some questions.

My Boss made an RT4 Install under Debian 9 with Apache, as an apt-get installation, which i wasn´t part of it.

My job is now to get it running, which i almost have done. SSL is working fine… still thanks to Lets Encrypt CA :slight_smile:

But in my Logs i have following output:

RT: [5562] The requested host (support. XXXXX .de) does NOT match the configured WebDomain (localhost). Perhaps you should Set($WebDomain, ‘support.XXXXX .de’); in, otherwise your internal hyperlinks may be broken.


RT: [5562] The requested port (443) does NOT match the configured WebPort (80). Perhaps you should Set($WebPort, 443); in, otherwise your internal hyperlinks may be broken.

My Configfile is /etc/request-tracker4/RT_SiteConfig.d/ and contains:


Set($rtname, ‘XXXXX .de’);
Set($Organization, ‘support.XXXXX .de’);
Set($CorrespondAddress, ‘rt@support.XXXXX .de’);
Set($CommentAddress, ‘rt-comment@support.XXXXX .de’);


Set($WebPath, “/rt”);
Set($WebBaseURL, ‘https:// support. XXXXX .de’);
Set($Webdomain, ‘support. XXXXX .de’);
Set($Webport, 443);

that file is chmod 644 for root:www-data.

So i did some research on the system and found also an at /usr/share/request-tracker4/etc/

I took a look with less on it and sure i read the warning: NEVER EDIT !

Well, i cp´d this file and then i edited the $Webdomain and saved it and reloaded the apache2.

Output now: RT: [5292] The requested host (support.XXXXX .de) does NOT match the configured WebDomain (teletubby).

OK, that is working… after this i edited the file again to my needs and the error messages disappeared.

But i remembered NEVER EDIT ! so i changed all back to the original entrys and as expected i get the errors again.

My question is now, why isn´t RT reading my Config correctly, because Set($rtname, ‘XXXXX .de’); seems to be read, as it apperas in my right upper corner on the WebGUI.

Any Ideas?

Thanks for reading and greetings from Germany :slight_smile:

– Mario

P.S.: i was forced to make some spaces within “Hyperlinks” due the restriction of 2 Links as new User…

Do you have the file

I have this file located under /etc/request-tracker4/

The file contains:

#Default for Debian
#Since RT 4.4, snippets from /etc/request-tracker4/RT_SiteConfig.d
#are read in by RT itself, so this file is now empty.

I think Python variable names are case sensitive. You’ve set Webdomain and Webport but not WebDomain and WebPort…

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OMG small things in life…
I think that was my problem…maybe after looking hours for hours on configfiles & Websites i saw only salad on the CLI.

Thank you very much Gerald. Now i can proceed to do the LDAP Auth. :slight_smile: