Config questions: resize widgets, "no value", widget descriptions, page layout


We are implementing RT (v. 3.6.5 on FC8), but there are some requests
the users are making about configuration. I’ve found some stuff on, and (unfortunately) not a lot on the RT Wiki. So, here are
my questions:

  1. How do I resize widgets/objects?

    I need to make things like textboxes and wikitext boxes much bigger
    (height & width), and URL boxes wider. I’ve seen a few files under
    html/Elements along EditCustom*, but no real hard numbers to change.

  2. Can the displayed description(s) on the page near the widgets be
    removed (example: “Enter one value”) , and where is that file?

    I did a grep -r in html for a sample of one with no results.

  3. Can the value of “-” be completely removed from combo boxes?

    I’d like to set only the values I’ve added to be listed, and then set
    the top entry as the default.

  4. How do you adjust the page layout beyond the simple up/down stuff in
    the TicketCustomField menu?

    I’d like to re-arrange the placement to make the workflow a bit more

As always, I am thankful for any help or pointers.

Kevin Freels
Director of Information Technology
Sendmail, Inc. 510/594.5572