Conditional Email sending when resolving a ticket

Hello List,

I want to implement a feature that allows you on resolving a ticket to choose if you want to send a resolved-email.

I was looking around and found in the WIKI a howto to use Transaction Custom Fields, but it has drawbacks:

  • you see the fields on every transaction
  • for it to work you HAVE to create a final resolve-comment because it won’t record a transaction if you do not enter one, and there is this behavior of RT that you cannot use transaction custom fields in scripts, so you need a completed transaction beforehand (Is this right?)

Another solution I could think of would be to add a new state, like resolved and resolvedSilent, but this is very ugly:

  • first I do not know if the core depends on resolved as a final state anywhere
  • second you have to be aware of this when creating reports
  • third and foremost, resolved is a single-state, it shouldn’t be misused to represent a Flow-decision.

To implement it like, for example, the working hours which you can set at resolve-time, would be to much work for me especially as I do not know squad about the internals of RT and it would take a time to learn it …

Has anyone else a solution which would fit fine and does not confuse my users?

thanks for your time,

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