Computer committee items

Lab Workstations:

  • quotes for workstation replacements
    • 4 medium-range PC boxen with Windows
    • 2 grunty PC boxen with Windows/Linux (?)
    • 1 OSX Mac

File Server:

  • Confirm general School requirements

    • space per staffer/student
    • total space
    • backup/DR requirements
  • lease expiry

    • when is final date for leases on this equipment?
  • backup issues

    • tape library service/replacement costs
    • other backup methods

License Server:

  • spec for new license server
  • license server interest group list

Draga Printer:

  • refresh quote from Connecting Point
    • confirm that model of printer requires PC RIP

Adobe Applications:

  • confirm number of licences held

    • from School info (are there any other paper copies?)
    • from Edsoft (what do they think we have already?)
  • confirm licensing details with Edsoft about

    • cost per seat
    • server licenses
    • what ‘maintenance’ actually means
    • how many times ‘upgrade’ licenses may be upgraded
    • can single seat CS license be split into seperate installs of each app?

Malcolm Herbert
Computer Support Officer
School of Geosciences
Monash University
ph 9905 4881

um … OK … not sure how that happened …

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