Completely remove AdminCCs for certain tickets

Hi all,

I have a general Queue in use which received notifications from our
backup system.
I want to:

a.) log all notification (success / fail / incomplete)
b.) only notify AdminCc and other Watchers when it's a failure /


Right now, my OnCreate scrip for this queue checks the sender and a
custom field on message arrival
to help me recognize if the request is a notification and if whether
it’s a failure/incomplete or success.

If it’s a success, I immediately resolve the ticket; this is working,
however, what I would also like
to do is not have RT send out any email…

I’ve looked for a method to SetAdminCc, but cannot find any; DelMember
and DelAdminCc(from CommandByEmail)
seem to require either iterating through the set of watchers or knowing
who’s on the AdminCc list;

I was wondering if there was a way to switch Templates during the
transaction and change it to Blank…

Any ideas ?

Sean McHugh
VP, Dir. of Global Services
Grey Group
p. 212-546-1926
c. 917-916-8644