Comments coming from

When a user comments on a ticket from the GUI, the from address in the email is For some reason it’s not like the default settings say it should.

Below is from, and attached is a screenshot of the config from one of the Queues I’m testing


Set($CorrespondAddress, “rt”);
Set($CommentAddress, “rt-comment”);

In the ticket history can you confirm that the transaction says a comment was made and not a reply? What is the “from” header for that transactions outgoing email?

I can confirm in the ticket that it’s a comment.

The from header says from “rt@webdomain” and reply-to “

Oh can you try setting your config values to the full email address, ie:

Set($CorrespondAddress, '');
Set($CommentAddress, '');

And restarting RT

That made the reply-to address

What version of RT? I am testing on 4.4

I’m currently using rt-4.4.4.

Thats strange, with the example config I posted above I can see an outgoing reply email having these headers:

From: "Enoch Root" <>

And a comment:

From: "Enoch Root" <>

So your correspondence (reply) is coming from the configured comment address? That’s the opposite of the original problem but seems a bit odd still.

Sorry that’s a typo, my reply and comment addresses are correct. I meant to show that the config were applying correctly

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Both corresponds and comments come from the correspond address.