CommandByMail - design issue

The CommandByMail extension is really nice and is really needed to
enforce mandatory information requirements via the email interface (for
queues which need to be SOX-audited, like change management related,
production changes etc.). There is only one small thing:

  • It falls back to the standard mailgate if the extended mailgate fails
    for any reason (like mandatory field enforcement). This means that a
    non-compliant tickets gets through anyway, just without CF parsing.
  • However, if you disable this and users open basic tickets and put in a
    greeting like


The extended mailgate should fail and needs to fall back to the standard
(happened today …).

So, what to do? Make the CF parsing more rigorous so it doesn’t pick up
things like this? Conditional fall-through?


Philip Kime
NOPS Systems Architect
310 401 0407