Command line tool: Create ticket with attachments?


I’m trying to script RT using the command line tool “rt”, and I’m stuck
at the following:

I can create tickets fine (“rt create ticket -i -e”) and manage to pass
text as the content of the tickets as it is created.

I can create a correspondence within a ticket using "rt correspond -a"
which included an attachment.

All fine so far.

What I want to achieve is that the requester of my newly created ticket
gets a mail containing an attachment.

As I have a Autoreply scrip on ticket creation, I can’t just do
"rt create" followed by a “rt correspond” as that would send an
empty mail to the user. I need some way of doing the attachment
during the ticket creation.

Digging through the rt client code, the changes to add this feature
don’t seem so tricky, but it looks like changes are also needed on the
REST code. That is beyond what I want to do now.

My best guess as of now is to change the autoreply-scrip to suppress
empty mails.

Any other hints/ideas for me?

-=- Otmar Lendl – -=-