Collapsed from ShowTransaction

Hi there;
rt-3.6.1 dbix 1.38 and apache2 mysql5
I am trying to figure out how Collapsed and ShowBody work between
ShowHistory /ShowTransactions/ShowTransactionAttachments ,
What I would like is when a ticket is first displayed to have all
transactions collapsed so no attachments are showing , and this works
when $Collapsed is set 1 from ShowHistory, and I assumed that clicking
on the “#” it should open/expand the transaction showing the
attachment, however clicking on that seems to do nothing although its a
link with “my rt url/Ticket/Display.html?ticketnumber#txn-transactionid” …
I have removed all customisation so its out of the box rt-3.6.1 with the
obvious changes in RT_SiteConfig …

Any help/pointers will be appreciated …