Client email reply to RT autoreply creates another ticket

Hello, banging my head against a wall here over such a simple problem, i cant figure out if I’ve hit some obvious bug.

When a client emails a queue, they receive a autoresponse / reply with the following subject:

[xxxxx Accounts #29] AutoReply: new ticket

When they reply to the autoresponse, say to add additional information, rt-mailgate creates a new ticket everytime, its like RT isn’t picking up on the fact that there is a ticket already.

Running RT 4.4.3

Mostly default settings.

Have configured unprivileged users to have access to comment/create tickets

I have setup fetchmail with the following settings:

cset daemon 30
set logfile /var/log/fetchmail.log
poll with proto IMAP
user ‘’ with password ‘xxxxx’ no idle ssl mda “/opt/rt4/bin/rt-mailgate --queue ‘Accounts’ --action correspond --url --debug”

I’m not sure where else to look for this, it seems such a fundamentally simple yet broken thing i have at the moment

Any guidance much appreciated, can post more configs / logs here on request!

Many thanks

I suppose your RT is not able to match the corresponding ticket by the subject. You should check your core configuration for these settings:

|ExtractSubjectTagMatch |qr/(?^:\[[^\]]+? #\d+\])/|core config|
|ExtractSubjectTagNoMatch |qr/(?^:\[example\.com #\d+\])/|core config|

(our settings, just another domain name)

Actually $ExtractSubjectTagMatch and $ExtractSubjectTagNoMatch, as pointed by Daniel, are used for communication between two RT instances. I guess this is not related to the current issue.

The setting used by RT to recognize that an incoming mail is a correspondence on an existing ticket lies in $EmailSubjectTagRegex, which is unset by default, or, in case it is unset, the regexp is globally /\Q$rtname\E/i and /\[\Q$tag\E\s+\#(\d+)\s*\]/i for each $tag configured as Queue subject.

In the current issue, you surely need to set $EmailSubjectTagRegex to a regular expression matching [xxxxx Accounts #29] (depending on the real value of xxxxx).