Clean user replies

Mail etiquette is a lost art. My users when replying by mail to a ticket leave lots of unnecessary stuff on their replies and do not know how to quote a mail message. I’ve tried, for years, to educate people, but I’m starting to think it’s an impossible task. In the end I’ve very polluted tickets…

What I want to have is something like this:

  1. The user receives a message from RT:
Subject: [CV #12345] something
## Do not edit bellow this line ##
<ticket message>
  1. Now the user answers the message above the first line;

  2. When the message arrives at the server, the message parts that have the line “## Do not edit bellow this line ##” would be truncated.

I suppose I could pipe the mail messages through a filter. But I wonder, is there a plugin or some other way to do this?

see this discussion

This is it! I’ve been thinking on and off about this for months, and when I finally create a topic, somebody had the same idea a few days ago… I will delete this topic. Can’t delete, feel free to remove this topic.

Sorry about this.