Checking ownership


As a quite paranoid sysadmin, my umask is 0007 as a result some
extensions were installed but silently failing.
( Saying of the day : 0007 is a licence to kill some extensions silently).

Since some others were working* it took me a hell of a time to find out
the problem even with debug turned on in the log.

My question is, given an hint on were to look at in mason multiple layered
structure, where do I patch the code to add

-r $file or RT::logger->info("$file permissions are too restrictive");


I think right level should be info since it is not broken per se, but
prevents a regular expected functionment.

Friendly yours.

*I will therefore pay a beer to Nicolas (EmailCompletion + Calendar) for
having thought of permissions and ownership at install time. Such a shame
he has given up coding and being a sysadmin :(.

Julien Tayon // digital craftsman // making things simpler (when possible)

System going down at 1:45 this afternoon for disk crashing.