Checkboxes without value don't work

One of our RT users complained that he could not delete ticket watchers,
and I found the reason: he uses a recent browser and when an input checkbox
entity has no value, it won’t get passed (see for the ‘rules’).

So, I created a local/html/Ticket/Elements/EditWatchers with that
correction, and now stuff works. Diff below.

Please fix this upstream, in all cases of input type=“CHECKBOX”

*** share/html/Ticket/Elements/EditWatchers Thu Jul 29 02:08:11 2004
— local/html/Ticket/Elements/EditWatchers Tue Apr 12 11:55:06 2005
*** 52,58 ****

%while (my $watcher=$Members->Next) {

  • ! %if ($watcher->MemberObj->IsUser) { <%$watcher->MemberObj->Object->Name%> --- 52,58 ----

    %while (my $watcher=$Members->Next) {

  • ! %if ($watcher->MemberObj->IsUser) { <%$watcher->MemberObj->Object->Name%>

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