Check-in user for ticket auto-assignment



I’m looking for the ability of our RT engineers to be able to check-in/check-out while they’re on their shift. This is to be used in conjunction with auto-assignment for available engineers.

Is there any extensions available with these capabilities or does someone have any advice on a Scrip which could help accomplish this?

In the best of worlds the engineer would have a button for Check-in/Check-out which they click as they go onto their shift.


So if I understand correctly, you want to assign a ticket owner upon ticket creation? Thus this workflow:

  1. A ticket is being created (via e-mail, manually, via REST or even CLI).
  2. Upon creation an on-create Scrip (which would be logical) would trigger.
  3. The on-create Scrip would somehow have to know which users are checked-in, which in your summary is different from being logged in (logged in != checked in).
  4. The Scrip will then randomly choose an engineer as owner of the new ticket.

I guess you could try using a User custom field, which an engineer can use to set his/her current status (I guess a boolean would do).
From there you could try to access these User custom fields to get all checked in users, or at least something like that.

Though I wouldn’t know exactly how to make a Scrip based on that scenario. There are however a few forum posts regarding user custom fields and scrip’s, they might contain some clue’s on how to achieve this.



Something like it, the Scrip part isn’t that complicated, I’m more concerned about making the User CF accessible, preferably from the top-menu somehow.


In essence you want a person to go to his/her “About me” page under settings. From there they can change their information, including the User CF. This is 1 hover and a click away for a user.

If you want them to directly access this page with 1 click then you could add a custom menu item. Below an example of a menu I’ve made here, in this case a drop-down menu with links to applications outside RT. You could however change this to your liking (e.g. no hover but a direct link). This example is only visible for privileged users.

# Location: /opt/rt4/local/html/Callbacks/Custom_Menu/Elements/Tabs/Privileged

my $bps = Menu()->child(
    title    => 'CustomMenu',
  title   => 'Wiki',
  path    => '',
  target    => 'new',
  title   => 'About Me',
  path    => '',
  target    => 'new',