Charts: Group by Ticket Custom Field

Am I missing something obvious? None of my CF’s show in the group by section on the charts page. I’ve tried adding them as “View” and non-“View” columns… Seems like I must be missing something obvious… these are ticket custom fields… Any thoughts? Muchas Gracias!

It works for me. If permissions are applied to the queue and to your user, then, selecting “Custom fields” → “yourcustom field” in the “group by” section won’t be a problem.

thanks for the feedback! I am running as superuser, but I’ll try making explicit permissions to see if that makes a difference… it could be a bug with superuser not being enough or something else has gone awry with my DB… which is a fairly new install on 5.0.6

Nevermind… and it was something really obvious… I was looking for “CF.Custom FieldName” or something with the name of the CF in the drop-down… but you have to select “Custom Field” then select the field to group by (just as you have it in the screen shot you posted -TY)… must be on too little sleep! Thank you !

Some things can’t be done by a superuser, for instance, sharing a saved search to a group. The superuser need the shared permission set.
I need to said to myself “remember to check the permissions” whenever something doesn’t work as expected :wink: