Charts & created-on date

I don’t seem to be able to make charts based on the creation, start, or started dates of tickets. I always get results that look like the included screenshot. This is in 5.0.0, but it also happened in at least 4.4.x and possibly earlier.

Am I using the search wrong? My objective is to show the number of tickets that users (or IT staff) created over time. Breakdown by each month is probably granular enough, but breakdowns by week and by day of week are also things I’d like to see if possible.

Do you mean like choosing the “Created” and then month? Right now you have started as your X axis and it seems all the tickets do not have started dates unless I am confused ( Possible I haven’t had my coffee yet )

Yes. For example, here is my attempt to show pretty much the same chart as in your screenshot.

That is strange, anything in the logs that hints at a warning/error when you perform this search?

This topic I posted on the forum from last year might be helpful.

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That was EXACTLY it. Thank you so much, @GreenJimll!