"Chart" link from a search forgetting the search results


When a user with perms for a queue does a search within that queue on a custom field, they get an expected list of results that are a subset of that queue.

Clicking the “Chart” link at the top brings us to one large monolithic bar of the entire queue (“3000 tickets…”). Going through several steps of “bar chart by [customfield]” and iterating through that and the search a few more times eventually gets us the bar chart we want: a subset of only those items in the queue with Custom Field 1’s value, broken out into number of occurances by Custom Field 2’s values.

(I also greatly miss the “chart by…” quick link at the bottom of search results from previous versions).

I’m not sure why the search is immediately forgotten, but a red flag to me is that somewhere in this process she has to log in again. AD integration seems to have been working since the upgrade (and was before with no repeat-login issues). Not sure if this is related to this specific problem, or a separate issue.

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