Changing WebBase RT URL


I am in the final stages of standing up my new RT Instance! What a journey it has been. First off I want to say thanks for all the help I have gotten from this user base on getting where I am now. There were a few hurdles that took me for a whirlwind but with your help I got through them!

One more request from the IT manager is he wants the Web URL to be something simple like itsupport.{domain name}.com. From what I can see there are lines in the that contains the following

Set ($WebBaseURL , “http://hostname”);
Set ($WebPath , “/rt”);

Now doing a quick look and changing these to something I wanted did not work at all!

I got rid of the “/rt” and just left the web path as follows

Set ($WebPath , “”);

And changed the $WebBaseURL to

Set ($WebBaseURL , “http://itsupport.{domainname}.comhttp://itsupport.{domainname}.com”);

Then created a DNS entry for this. So my questions are this;

A) Did I even come close to getting this to work?
B) Are there apache type configs that also need to be made to get this to work?

I am running RT 4.0.7 running on Debian Linux.

Thanks again!