Changing ticket flow - Ticket/Update.html


We’re using 3.2.2 on RHEL 3.0, with perl 5.8.5 and all dependencies,
MySQL 4.0.22 and the latest required perl modules. Apache 2.0.46-25
abd mod_perl 1.99_12-2.1. It’s all working just fine, and pretty fast
on a 2.2ghz PIV with 1.5gb of RAM. Tuned up MySQL to be a huge
install in terms of memory.

Just a single IDE disk unfortunately, we’ll probably change that at
some point.

I’d like to change the work flow so that when an admin resolves or
deletes a ticket and clicks on the ‘Update Ticket’ button, they go
back to the Home page, instead of the summary page for the ticket. I
figure, once you’ve resolved a ticket, you don’t need to see it any
more unless it’s re-opened, so let’s just head right back to the list
of open tickets so I can work on those ASAP.

I’ve looked at Ticket/Update.html, but it’s not clear where I would
update the form. I don’t think Elelements/Select needs to be changed,
I just need to know how I can direct the Target after the ticket is
resolved or updated so I see the “Home” page.

John Stoffel - Senior Staff Systems Administrator - System LSI Group
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. - - 508-486-1087