Changing the \"RT at Glance\" page - No attributes table?

I have a new installation of 3.4.5 and have been trying to follow along
on some of the updates outlined in the wiki, specifically In
trying to change the At a Glance page, I tried to do the first step and
found that the database doesn’t appear to have a table called attributes.
I do have a table called Attributes, but that appears to be from adding
the Asset tracking plug-in from Todd Chapman. Am I doing something wrong
or is the page out of date?


The very first note on the page that you linked to states:

“NOTE: This applies only to RT 3.5.x and beyond; RT 3.4.x and prior users should search the mailing list archives, wherein will be described how to reorganize the index.html page to suit.”

Since you are running 3.4.5, those instructions do not apply.

– Chris