Changing the From Feild in the autoreply



Where is the from field set for the autoreply and replies ?


Eoin----- Original Message -----
From: “Valerio Romano”
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 11:06 PM
Subject: [rt-users] sendmail service unavailable

Hello all,

RT passed QA with flying colors on my test box.

Now I have installed it on what will be in the production environment and
got a new error I have never seen before:

Nov 8 14:56:53 tps sendmail[1595]: OAA01594:
to=|"/usr/local/rt/bin/rt-mailgate opsrequest correspond", delay=00:00:00,
xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=prog, stat=Service unavailable

Nov 8 14:56:53 tps sendmail[1595]: OAA01594: OAA01595: DSN: Service

I would very much like to ditch our old worthless ticketing system- so any
help would be great.


Valerio Romano

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