Changing the fields of email created tickets

Hi all,

I am trying to change ticket fields when they are created on ticket
submission. Mostly I want the Cc field to be preserved from the original
email to the ticket Cc. field. For example if someone sends an email to
RT and Cc. that to our tech support mailing list and maybe to a
collaborator, and I reply to that ticket, I would also like all those
from the original Cc of the email to get Cc’d when I reply to the
ticket. As it stands, when a ticket is created through email, the sender
is set as the requestor and the Cc field is wiped out. I would
appreciate at least knowing in what file to look and modify so I can fix
it myself. Any more help is also greatly appreciated.

Kyle Balling
SCI Institute
University of Utah

See the ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs config option.

Kyle Balling wrote: