Changing sort order of Ticket history

I have looked in the archives and RTFM and despite the appearance of the
question in multiple threads I can’t find an answer.

I(my boss) want the history to appear with the most recent
comment/correspondence at the top of the history list. I found what I
believe to be the appropriate snippet of code in
WebRT/html/Ticket/Elements/ShowHistory and tried the following
ln 22-25 ShowHistory
-% while (my $Transaction = $Transactions->Next) {
+% while (my $Transaction = $Transactions->Previous) {
-% $i++;
+% $i–;
-% if ($Transactions->IsLast) {
+% if ($Transactions->IsFirst) {

  •    <a name="lasttrans"></a>
  •    <a name="firsttrans"></a>

This doesn’t work for what I guess are pretty obvious reasons. I created
a couple methods on the $Transactions object out of thin air. I think I
would need to change them in lib/RT/ but I can’t seem to
find methods in there for Next either.

Can anyone give me a few pointers or the hack if it is done already?

Thanks a bundle,